Dayton Shootings

Our deepest condolences to the families and victims of this event.

The ban guns group has once again came out in force screaming that inanimate metals and plastics are to blame for the actions of yet another deranged leftist.

Once again the uninformed media is claiming that a cartridge that was adopted by the US military due to it’s light recoil is the most deadly cartridge in the world.  This is a round that began as a gopher killer. Most states don’t allow it to be used for anything bigger then a coyote.

The deadliness of the round comes from the early versions that had the bullets tumbling as they left the barrel.  This resulted in larger wounds when the bullet would hit while going sideways.  However the tumbling bullets were highly inaccurate so this was corrected by using a different rifling not long after production began.  The only advantage over earlier cartridges are now soft recoil due to lower power and lightness of rounds so a soldier can carry more rounds on them.

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