I've been checking it every time it stalls of is difficult to start. Appears to be a crankshaft position sensor problem. Now for the fun part chevrolet placed it under the head on the drivers side by the firewall. A poor choice given how often it fails in the 8.1 vortecs.

Been quiet

Haven't had much to say here of late. Been busy trying to get the mess straightened up and everything back on an even keel.

Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to all.

PayPal screwups

Well LeeAnn got out of the hospital and decided that she wanted to live with her parents. So they talked her into closing the accounts. I started new ones and the massive job of rerouting the income. While doing this I changed the primary account to my new account and shut down all subscriptions.  […]

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Updates Servers

We had a small outage on the 31st of October 2015. A Ddos flood was causing collateral damage by flooding the pipes coming into the data center. There for all of our servers were offline until the upstreams could mitigate the flood.

Saw LeeAnn Today

A friend of ours and I went to Columbus today to visit LeeAnn in the hospital. She knew us and said our names. This is a major improvement over the fully catatonic state she was in earlier in the week.

LeeAnn is in Columbus

They have transferred LeeAnn to Riverside Hospital in Columbus. When she left the local Hospital they had inserted a feeding tube. The neuro doctoe was afraid that she was slipping into a catatonic state.

LeeAnn has just been transferred to ICU.

Walked into the hospital and found out that she had a bit of respiratory distress and they had transferred her to the pulmonary unit. When the pulmonary specialist checked her he immediately transferred her to ICU for closer observation.


Continues to be very slow to respond to anything. Managed to get a couple of grins today. Then her parents came in and she became a mask again.

LeeAnn is in the hospital

My wife LeeAnn is in the hospital in fairly serious condition. She went to her mom's to stay for a few days. While there she asked to go to the hospital and was admitted. Her condition has deteriorated to the point that she is barely responsive.


The guy I bought the Nissan from installed tires from Walmart on it. Everyone of them has developed leaks in the sidewalls. The tires have thread like new tires and are less then two years old. Yea me so now I have to go and install new tires on it. Such fun and joy this brings me, Not!

Battle with the Silverado continues.

I've became disgusted with the silverado. So I tossed a fan belt and tire on the 86 Nissan pickup. Small but very very dependable.

Truck is driving me nuts

About 400 miles in the pastfew days without a stutter. Then it dropped to around a quarter of a rank. Died across from aubs work and again in the parking lot.

Crazy past few days.

In between taking one daughter to work. An ongoing stalling problem with the Silverado has had me either on the road or under the hood. My original diagnosis was crappy gas. After trying everything but massive parts swapping I'm still of that opinion. Ill get an occasional service engine light but  […]

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Patched together yet again.

Gazettes database is functioning properly again. Hostgators techs after the sell out to EIG really messed things up in the transfer to Provo.

More Database issues on the Gazette.

Appears that I was overly optimistic about that database. I'm going to have to run repairs on it yet again.

Database finished.

Finally finished the database repairs and optimizing on all sites. They should all be working at optimum speedsnow.

Late entry on downtime..

Had some down time with all of the Alanta servers. Heavy lightning strikes caused power surges and rebooting of some servers. Others were down due to a power failure and coming up with database corruptions.

So far so good.

The new server and data center seem to be doing well. I guess we'll find out in a year or so.

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